how long does it take each hair type to grow?

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I know hair grows differently and genetics play a role but I just want to know for myself personally. After relaxing since my last year of primary school to my third year of high school, transitioning for a bit and then big chopping. It has been a year since I big chop last October. To this day I really don't know my hair but I do know I have two textures in my hair. It's curly in the nake of my neck and curling at the ends of my hair. My hair is thick but a medium thickness, and its not hanging down yet so if someone can explain my concerns to me thank you so much. 

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    Let me see if I even understand your concerns. You want to know your hair type and/or how each hair type grows? For your hair type, naturally curly has an awesome quiz that will give you a curl pattern, density, and porosity. From there you can research those attributes. I don't take much stock in these things and I've been able to grow my hair all the same.

    As for how long it takes the types to grow, most people grow 1/2" of hair a month. It doesn't matter the hair type. If you have more shrinkage, your length may not show as much as another type, but it's there!


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    Its tricky when saying that hair grows an average of 0.5 inches per month, since it didn't account for certain factors and simply accounted for a whole. The factors being Race, Environment (is it cold or is it warm where they live?) Hair Type (Straight, Wavy Straight, Wavy, Wavy Curly, Curly, Curly Coily, Coily, Coily Kinky, Kinky, Kinky-Coily), diet, lifestyles, health and what they use on their head.

    Not to mention what part of the head, since some parts receive more or less growth than the rest, for me my front grows way slower than the rest, from a buzzcut 8 months passed and the rest of my head is 5 inches, but my front is 3.7-3.8 inches. 

    It's hard to guage what the true "average" is. It's just my take on it, I don't really trust the "0.5 inches a month" saying that goes around a lot.

    Edit: To clarify on the hair types before I get asked, it mostly has to do with showing length, since we know the looser the easier it is to show length.


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    I have used the quiz on this site I love it. I just thought if someone with my concerns could fill in the craps. thanks for your input  <3

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