Permanent change in hair texture?

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I used to have beautiful 3a/b curls, my hair was very fine and dense. Then i went on a bleach rampage where i probably bleached my hair three times in one night, then every other month for about 6 months. i haven't touched it since May except for trims, since that was the straw that broke the curls' back and now i haven't been able to get almost a single ringlet or even wave since then. now, i've gone almost full cgm, and i cut off a LOT of the bleached hair, so now my hair is about shoulder-length with virgin hair to my ears. if i scrunch i can get waves, maybe one lousy ringlet that doesn't hold very well. my hair doesn't and has never curled at the roots, and the bangs that i was forced to get to remove a lot of the damage are almost pin straight, so i can't tell if the new growth is naturally just straight. i tried the aphogee protein treatment before my trim and had almost no change. the bleached hair looks and feels healthy, it isn't frizzy, and it hasn't been since i trimmed the worst of it months ago.

my boyfriend misses my old hair and so do i. am i no longer a curly girl?

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    I bet your curls will come back. 3As often don't have much curl pattern at the very top, so I'm guessing your hair needs to grow in more before you'll see more curl. You should probably cut off all the damaged ends, too... they're probably weighing things down. The bleached hair will possibly never curl again, so I'd get rid of it and let the new growth come in curly and beautiful. :) 

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    You are beautiful!
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    I agree with Gretchen. The bleached part is probably done for and more than likely won't curl up again. But as your hair grows in it should resume it's natural curl pattern. 
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    i suppose i'm just worried because i see so many other curlies bounce back once they trim off the worst of the damage, or their roots are growing in curly. with my hair being so light and fine it makes sense that it would get easily weighed down, with my curls being so loose. i think i'll just slowly cut down to virgin hair since i've already lost so much length trying to rid myself of the chemical damage. keeping my fingers crossed 🙏🏻
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    Well, keep us posted, and post photos! 

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    You are beautiful!
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    Have you tried olaplex?
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