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Hey there! So I have read quite a bunch of things about hair-typing and they all seem to say widely different things. Some say leave the hair alone after shower, don't comb or brush or touch or put products in, just let it air dry. Yet others say do your normal thing and put your usual products in. If I do nothing after coming out of the shower I'm a 1a with some 2b in my underlayers, if I'm doing my usual routine I'm more of a 2b/2c. 
What is your take on things?

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  • mantha27mantha27 Registered Users Posts: 5 Curl Neophyte
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    to me, i think what matters is what it looks like when it's styled, rather than your hair with no product in it. i don't think you can judge the way it looks with no products on all heads of hair because for me, my natural curl pattern doesn't like to show itself without some help. so when it has no products in it, i get what appears to be frizzy waves that don't match any pattern, but when it's styled i get 2c waves, so i just say that's what i have.

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