My hair is naturally frizzy?

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I have type 3B hair that seems to always be frizzy. Even when it's soaking wet, it immediately frizzes up with no curl definition towards the root. I have low porosity hair and I use a clarifying shampoo (Shea Moisture) every week. I have limited the heat on my hair and I can't seem to fix the issue even though I've tried a million products. I can't style my hair in anything but a half-up or completely up style because it's just way too frizzy. What should I do?

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    Frizz is caused by so many different things, it may take some experimenting to figure out how to fix it.  You may have build up in your hair.  Try using a clarifying shampoo, then a rich conditioner afterwards (oops...just reread and see that you already clarify.  Try a different clarifying shampoo - maybe the Kinky Curly clarifying one.  Different ingredients may help).  Maybe it's just dry.  Try doing a deep conditioning treatment.  Do you know if your hair likes protein or is sensitive to it?  You might need a protein treatment, or to eliminate any products that have protein in them.
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    I don’t know as much about low po hair but.... what conditioner are you using? It may be that it has too much or the wrong kind of protein in it, or it has too much Shea Butter or something. It sounds like build up frizz or frizz that is caused by an ingredient your hair doesn’t like. Also make sure you don’t heavily rinse everything from your root area, and/or you may need to make sure your product application means you’re getting up to your roots. Just some ideas. 
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