should I texturize my hair?

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I have been transitioning from my damaged straightened her for the past year now..
My hair dresser has addressed the fact my hair is not growing but in fact breaking off. she suggested since my hair is very very thick ( perhaps 4c) and I cannot get moisturiser in my roots, maybe I should texturize it to make my life easier and to get the hair I desire.. I am really eager to try it out and I will go to the hairdressers to get it done- every so often. I just want to be educated, and I am wondering how I can look after it and retain growth. I would ask my hairdresser but I have really bad social awkwardness. Thank you for your help bye :)


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    I don't know anything about texturizing, but I just wanted to say hi!  And welcome to NC. 
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    It's my understanding that a texturizer is just a relaxer that isn't left in for as long. If you're transitioning, I wouldn't do a texturizer. It will just put you back at square one. I'm not sure I buy your stylist's assertion that moisturizer can't get to your roots, either.
    I would spending some time on this site, reading and learning.

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    You are beautiful!
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    I used texturizers in my hair before I transitioned. It’s basically like a gentler relaxer, so if you’re trying to transition, I wouldnt suggest using texturizer. 
    My hair was very hard to manage at first too, but I did a lot of research on alternatives for my hair (Have you considered a big chop?) In the end, I delt with the fall out, cut my hair constantly, and completely stopped using heat and chemicals! There’s a lot out there for 4C curly girls. 
    love, Jo.
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    A texturizer can be grown out (as long as you don't comb through it during application, it just softens the curls), however, you'll always be dealing with two textures and the struggle that comes with it. Try on and off (since you do want to let your hair breathe every now and then) protective styling until you get to a desirable length? I would suggest big chopping after that... 

    If you don't like protective styles, try styles that blend your texture better like a braid out or using curl formers. 

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