How can I bring my curl back? My hair needs help!!!

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I used to have curlier hair than I do now. About 5 years ago my hair was a combo of 2C and 3A texture. At this time in my life I was heavily dying my hair from blonde to red to black too often. I began to notice that my hair was slowly getting straighter and straighter. I decided to cute it all off about 2 1/2 years ago to get rid of the damaged parts. It grew back sooooo straight. I was shocked and didnt know what to do. I loved my curls. Nowadays I have days where my hair is wavy (2B) and days where its so straight it looks like I have curled it. Ive been trying to promote the curl in my hair for the past month or so. I've had days where I do absolutely nothing special to it and its very wavy with defined S waves. Ive tried curl formation products from CoCo Conscious and Deva Curl no poo. I had some luck with the CoCo Consious re-define foaming gel and a diffusor, but if im not careful my hair dries looking wet or weighed down. I dont want to spend a lot of money on product to bring my curl back. Is there anyone out there with advice on what I should do/products I should use to get my curls to come back and stay back and look better than ever??


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    If you cut your hair and didn't dye it again 2 and a half years ago, you have approximately 1 foot 3 inches of virgin hair. That hair's texture will be your true texture. Some people do have texture changes throughout their life. If you do not have all virgin hair, the damage may be the issue, but don't despair. If you have damaged hair, deep condition at least once a week. Protein treatments will help as well. You can either try Aphogee 2 step or a DIY gelatin treatment if your hair is not virgin. However if your hair is healthy, these options may do more harm than good. Either way, it's best to embrace and work with the texture you have rather the one you wish you had. I hope this gives you a little bit more information. Best of luck!

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