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Hey all!

I have been lurking on these forums for about a month now, digesting all the information and trying a variety of your wonderful tips and trick for dealing with wavy hair. As a kid I HATED my hair, because all my mom ever knew to do was brush it and cut it. I had bangs with a persistent cowlick and I had the dreaded "mushroom hair," where it poofed weirdly out at the bottom. I rarely wore it down because no matter how i styled it, it would eventually go flat, frizz up, or lose whatever curl i had wrangled it into with a curling iron. Air drying was not very helpful either; it would just sort of hang there and have some mild wave but not much else. I always loved how it looked striaght out of the ocean, but sea-salt sprays tried it out and when i tried to scrunch and blow-dry i just got weird, stringy, irregular clumps.

Two years ago I had a daughter, and when her hair started to grow in i noticed it had a bit of a wave to it. I figured it was like mine, or maybe my husband's; his is very thick and textured with a strong wave pattern (he's Syrian.) But as her hair grew, it wasn't wavy, but full on ringlet curls. I did a bit of research to try and care of it better, and when people would ask where she got it from, I always pointed to my husband's side of the family (the women all have thick black ringlet-y curls.)

I continued to abuse my hair with hot tools, but did discover co-washing about a year ago and ditched sulfates. I used a lot of dry shampoo, but never a heat protectant. Thankfully though my hair is fine, I have a TON of it, and it is pretty resilient.

So about a month ago I thought, let me see if my hair is still "wavy." the few times I've tried, it was always wash - brush - attempt to scrunch while drying - stringy frizz - ragequit - ponytail. So i let it air dry a few times but was underwhelmed. Then I started reading up on these forums, I got a devacut (that's a post for another time) and tried a few different things. The pic I'm including has my starting hair on the left - no trim, just curling cream and air dry. The one on the right is post-devacut, with cream, gel, scrunch, set gel with diffuser on cool. I can share routine in detail if anyone is interested, but this post is already too long wink For me the key has been not doing dripping wet hair + gel, but plop-scrunch in a devatowel, adding gel (a LOT OF GEL; because my hair is fine and I have a lot of it, it is very easily weighed down and my clumps are enormous unless i get some water out first) and using the diffuser to set the gel - if i try to diffuse after the gel hardens, i get weird bendy bits.

So, thank you all for your wisdom! I thought I was a 2A...not sure what i am now!

imgur link in case uploader is still broken:


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    Welcome to Curl Talk!  Your before hair was nice, but the after is beautiful!
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    You are beautiful!
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    Hi, I have been battling with my coarse curly hair since I was a little girl. There were no products when I was young (vo5!) and my mom would brush out my hair after washing so I basically had a head of frizz. Because of that I wore my hair in a pony tail every single day until high school when I cut it all off and basically had an afro. In high school I went through the 80's big hair days which worked in my favor but my hair was still a ball of frizz.  It wasn't until later in life when I discovered I actually had CURLS!  And nice ones!!!  

    I started a YouTube channel so that I can help others figure out how to style their hair. What products work best etc. I love that I discovered this forum and plan to visit and chat where ever I can.  

    If anyone is interested in seeing demo's on products for my hair please check out my channel! Thanks so much!!!! Greatly appreciated!!!  Hopefully I can find some inspiration on here for video's.

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    your hair is beautiful! I love the color too. ^.^

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