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So I am leaning towards starting to transition my hair (I am so motivated!), my last perm was in August and I colored my hair twice in September. I have a good little bit of new growth and I really want to determine my hair type. Can you determine your hair type from new growth? I know that its very early in my transitioning stage. When I wet my new growth it curls up and you can see it perfectly while it is wet but when it drys it looses the curl pattern. Alright when I run into my scalp I can somewhat feel tiny curls. Does this mean I won’t really have much of a curl pattern naturally & that my hair will be mostly coily meaning 4c type hair? I’ve heard of a lot of people being discouraged when they first do the big chop because they don’t really have any curls but once it starts to grow the curl pattern comes in. Could this be the case for me? Thank you so much! I have lots of questions! 


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    I'll let someone with more expertise answer your question but I just wanted to say congrats on making the call to transition!  Big decision! 

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    You are beautiful!

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