Longtime Lurker -- sharing my mind-boggling (to me anyway!) before and after

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Hey all!

I have been lurking on these forums for about a month now, digesting all the information and trying a variety of your wonderful tips and trick for dealing with wavy hair. As a kid I HATED my hair, because all my mom ever knew to do was brush it and cut it. I had bangs with a persistent cowlick and I had the dreaded "mushroom hair," where it poofed weirdly out at the bottom. I rarely wore it down because no matter how i styled it, it would eventually go flat, frizz up, or lose whatever curl i had wrangled it into with a curling iron. Air drying was not very helpful either; it would just sort of hang there and have some mild wave but not much else. I always loved how it looked striaght out of the ocean, but sea-salt sprays tried it out and when i tried to scrunch and blow-dry i just got weird, stringy, irregular clumps.

Two years ago I had a daughter, and when her hair started to grow in i noticed it had a bit of a wave to it. I figured it was like mine, or maybe my husband's; his is very thick and textured with a strong wave pattern (he's Syrian.) But as her hair grew, it wasn't wavy, but full on ringlet curls. I did a bit of research to try and care of it better, and when people would ask where she got it from, I always pointed to my husband's side of the family (the women all have thick black ringlet-y curls.)

I continued to abuse my hair with hot tools, but did discover co-washing about a year ago and ditched sulfates. I used a lot of dry shampoo, but never a heat protectant. Thankfully though my hair is fine, I have a TON of it, and it is pretty resilient.

So about a month ago I thought, let me see if my hair is still "wavy." the few times I've tried, it was always wash - brush - attempt to scrunch while drying - stringy frizz - ragequit - ponytail. So i let it air dry a few times but was underwhelmed. Then I started reading up on these forums, I got a devacut (that's a post for another time) and tried a few different things. The pic I'm including has my starting hair on the left - no trim, just curling cream and air dry. The one on the right is post-devacut, with cream, gel, scrunch, set gel with diffuser on cool. I can share routine in detail if anyone is interested, but this post is already too long :wink: For me the key has been not doing dripping wet hair + gel, but plop-scrunch in a devatowel, adding gel (a LOT OF GEL; because my hair is fine and I have a lot of it, it is very easily weighed down and my clumps are enormous unless i get some water out first) and using the diffuser to set the gel - if i try to diffuse after the gel hardens, i get weird bendy bits.

So, thank you all for your wisdom! I thought I was a 2A...not sure what i am now!

imgur link in case uploader is still broken: https://imgur.com/a/ELjEI


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    Wow! TBH, I'd love either one for my own hair, but your hair looks so much happier in the second photo - so healthy and bouncy!
    2c, coarse, low elasticity, medium/high density; varied porosity, protein- and coconut-sensitive
    CJ Daily Fix and Smoothing Conditioner; then Beauticurls and Pattern Pusha
    For a deeper clean once a week, Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle shampoo and conditioner 
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    Your waves are beautiful! It looks like you might have at least 2B waves! Like you, i cant add gel to my hair soaking wet! Lots of trial and error has helped me discover that!
    Curly Girl as of December 2015
    2B/C Waves
    normal/high porosity
    current hair routine: 
    Low-poo: Shea Moisture coconut and Habiscus
    CoWash: As I Am Coconut Cowash
    Conditioner: Shea Moisture Coconut and Habiscus 
    Styling Cream: DevaCurl Styling cream
    Gel: DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel or
     LA Looks Gel (Yellow)
    plop 30 minutes
    air dry or diffuse on low heat and power
     Just got a "big chop" after going through a phase of occasionally heat styling again for a few months 
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    Wow! Your hair is beautiful!
  • whit1978whit1978 Registered Users Posts: 1 Curl Neophyte
    Please do post your routine- my hair looks like yours on the left and I'd love to get it to look like the right!  Gorgeous!
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    Your hair is gorgeous!  Love the color! 

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    whit1978 said:
    Please do post your routine- my hair looks like yours on the left and I'd love to get it to look like the right!  Gorgeous!
    Hi! Thank you! So the first thing was the cut - got it shaped up and shortened by a curly stylist.

    i cowash with briogeo, condition with either shea moister weightless or briogeo depending on if I feel I need it. I do squish to condish, then a light application of a curl cream -- either devacurl coconut styler, or the briogeo rice and quinoa amino curl cream. I rack it through and do a quick shot of water and squish again. Then I do a very liberal helping of deva arc angel - two palmfuls at least. Work that all the way through with head tilted to either side.

    then I hit it with the shower on more time, and use the same method as squish to condish.

    when I get out, i scrunch some water out with a microfiber towel, add a wee bit more gel to the ends, then do a "wet scrunch"
    with the deva towel to get some clumps back together.

    then I diffuse with my head tilted - start with only the ends so they don't get wonky by folding it up to my scalp. I do that all over and then let it air dry the rest of the way.

    id saynthe two biggest things are the wet scrunch after the last bit of gel, and diffusing just the ends first. I have to start diffusing before the fell starts to set or I get the weird bendy edges.

    heres mg hair tonight -- have to say I feel like it really cooperated tonight!

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