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Those of you who may not necessarily use all their products but do the routine, do you comb your wet hair out at all or just use fingers?  And do you apply product (the gel) on soaking wet hair?  Upside down or right side up or both?  And do you use the deva diffuser hand?   Every time my deva stylist does my hair, she gets much better results.  The only difference is that she will use the hand diffuser on me.  I don't have one.  I do have the deva hair dryer and just use a regular diffuser on it.  My dryer blows more air out than hers.  She's had her dryer for YEARS and I just bought mine this past summer.  I"m thinking they UPED the low setting to a higher amount of air because my low setting is like her high setting.  But both are deva dryers.
She gets more volume out of my hair and I wonder if it's the hand thing??  I'm thinking about buying one at Ulta because if I really can't make it work, I can always return it.  There's nothing I can do about the dryer blowing more air out tho.  


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    I stopped using a comb for a long time, but I'm fed up with the messy look on top of my head, and not having any control over where the part lies.  So I'm experimenting again with using a comb while conditioning.  Also I'm fed up with the cowlick on the back/top of my head, which has gotten so much worse with all the upside down stuff.  I really need to train that bit of hair to lie down, and rinsing and everything upside down is training it grow the way it wants to, instead of the way I want it to.  So I'm also experimenting with doing most stuff right side up.  I rinse right side up, S2C right side up, apply my gel to soaking wet hair, and as I'm squishing it in, I start rolling my head to one side, then to another, and end up upside down.  All of that is to unstick my wet hair from my head.

    I don't use the hand diffuser, I use the Xtava.  My understanding is that the hand is better to diffuse the hair close to the scalp - useful if you have really thick hair.  A bowl diffuser is better for diffusing the length of the hair, as you can scrunch the hair up into the bowl.  My hair is thin enough that the bowl will diffuse all the way through to my scalp.
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    That might be why my cowlicks are so bad! I never thought of that.  I always wash my hair in the sink upside down.  I'm going to try right side up in the shower and do as you do, side to side and then upside down with gel.  I too have thin hair.  I bought the hand diffuser last summer and hated it - I didn't know how to use it so I sent it back.  My stylist has used it on me the last two times and got good results.  So I'm going to try ONE more time with it.  The bowl diffuser works on the sides and bottom of my hair but the top part, my hair gets clumpy and then I have scalp showing.  So frustrating.  She used the hand, well, just the fingers on the hand and worked it in to separate everything out and I ended up with volume and cover up and still curls.  My hair is still in the process of growing out after a really, really BAD cut last spring.  The person cut the top of my crown to about only 1/2 inch!!!  But I'm seeing improvement little by little.  

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