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I am still transitioning, I'm only a week or so past 4 months. I have not BC'ed, but I need to know my hair type in order to figure out how it should look when it's healthy & moisturized correctly. I have spirals throughout different parts of my hair, but in the front it is just scraggly-looking. My hair is also very dry. From my research I found out that when you're starting, your hair will be super dry for a while. Also, my mom said that she thinks my hair is scraggly because of breakage. The strands are different lengths, and thats why it looks that way. I also heard of 'scab hair', which could be what I have. If any of you could help me determine my hair type, I would be so thankful!💖💖

**I've attached pictures of my hair when it is dry, conditioned and at different time periods. If there are multiples of one image, please excuse me. I tried to delete it but I'm new to this. Thanks♡

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