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Hey Every1
I am 18, biracial- Mex/Black and my hair is 3b/c. It's been about a yr and a half since my last relaxer (I've had 2) and I am in transition. The relaxer didnt give me the results I wanted (which was a loose curl) and it pretty much damaged my hair and so I'm trying to grow it out; the problem is that the relaxed portion of my hair is starting to break off now and I really don't know what to do. The last time I went to the salon was in Nov/Dec of '06 and the stylist cut my hair unevenly (I wanted to cry, sometimes still do). The length of my hair is different in arears but it's basically around chin length. I don't know what to put in my hair and have just been straightening it w/a flat iron to make it easier to deal with. What do I do?


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    I don't have the same hair type as you (I'm 4c-ish), but when I first started to grow out of my relaxer 5 yrs ago, my beautician (and very good friend) told me that my hair would be likely to break where the curl met the straight if I didnt keep my hair straightened - which for me, I found to be true. So until I could get my relaxed hair in good condition and I had enough new growth to support it, I pressed and/or flat ironed until my hair was strong enough not to break. But, I want to encourage you to consider finding a nice short cut that you like and doing a semi-BC. It will give you less hair to worry about breaking and your hair will feel healthier while you are trying to transition.

    Be encouraged.
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    If you can find a competent curly stylist who can at least even out your hair, I bet you'll feel a lot better. Also the key to successful transitioning is patience. I thought that once all my relaxed ends were cut off, that would be the end. But my hair is still going through changes some good, some not so good, 6+ months later. I did find that the more and the longer I pamper my hair with good products, conditioning, etc. and keep away from certain ingredients, the better my hair likes it.

    Ingredients I stay away from: silicones, petrolatum/mineral oil/paraffin, shampoos with sodium or ammonium lauryl/laureth sulfate, lanolin, heavy waxes, heat.

    Also, factor in weather, the seasons, your diet and nutrients.
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