grays at temples along with fading in the summer

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So, I have dark brunette hair.  I will get some grays just at my temples and I'm still not sure what to get to cover just those.  I was thinking maybe root touch up??  The rest of my hair.... in the past I have gone to the salon and paid a pretty penny and was not that happy or impressed.  They always get it almost black and it fades out really fast.  I use a good non sulfate shampoo BTW.  I've been reading all the posts here and I see others have asked about salon vs. boxed dyes.  2 days ago I got a box of Rich Brown by Schwarzkopf.  I applied all over my head this time since my hair has faded out pretty bad over the summer from the sun.  It goes into a light brown/reddish color.  So I wanted a nice dark rich brown.  It came out pretty good.  I'm happy with the color.  Now to see how it fades out.....  I've heard to NOT layer permanent color over permanent color often as this will really damage the hair.  So, how often can you color all over (minus the ends)?  I"m thinking... every 6 months??
My hair dresser always tells me that I will ruin my hair if I used box dyes and I won't get a nice color and that I NEED to have a professional do it because that's what they went to school for.  I just don't believe that.  


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    You raise some interesting questions. It would be interesting to talk to a chemist to discover if there really is a difference between at-home hair color and in-salon hair color. I've almost always done in-salon because I'm scared to do it at home! A thousand years ago I did at home highlights and they were awful, so I go to the salon now.
    Has your most recent color faded at all?

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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