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Hello, I'm new to this account. I'm 19 and over the years my hair has gotten wavier and wavier to the point where it is 2b when I come out of the shower, but 2a if I brush it. I have no idea where to begin. The only thing I know Im doing right is having sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner. My hair is kind of thick, dry, and I wash it 2x a week. I also exercise 4x-6x a week. I am on a budget, so any helpful gels and mousses would be nice. How do I wash my hair? How do I dry my hair? Do I brush it? How do I refresh my waves? How do I sleep with wavy 2b hair? I already know the pineapple method doesn't work because I move around in my sleep alot. Im just so lost on everything since this has never been an issue before. I'm trying to post this everywhere to get enough answers.


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    Use a satin or silk pillow when you’re sleeping and don’t brush it use a wide tooth brush or some people have said a boar bristle brush works I don’t know it might frizz. If your waves are dry or anything try the CG method where you just use conditioner no shampoo you can search more on this web btw. 
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    First and foremost, step away from the brush! Use a wide-toothed comb instead (personally & on the majority I've read, only comb after putting on conditioner so there's some "slip" or some barrier to avoid hair breakage) or you can use your fingers to gently detangle your waves. Good take on the sulfate & paraben free shampoo and conditioner but also make sure your conditioner is silicone-free as well because this might give you product build up to which you would have to use some clarifying shampoo with sulfate to get rid of them.

    Washing: do your routine that you're comfortable with. Tip: try the "squish-to-condish" method, in my case, doing this helped me achieve the potential of my curls when I was starting CG. Also don't rinse out the conditioner fully - this helps for moisture. Deep condition once a week.

    Styling & Drying: In my routine, I find that putting on my product (marc anthony curl defining lotion) on dripping wet hair keeps the frizz away the most. I rake the product in my hair to distribute them equally, then scrunch the heck out of them. Take a tad more and scrunch concentrating on the ends. I "plop" using a shirt to speed up drying time - this makes my hair curlier too (thanks, gravity). If I'm in a hurry, I use a diffuser; if I'm not I mostly air dry (since I'm still battling with heat damage). Tip: avoid messing with your hair while it's drying. If your product gives you crunchy hair too, I usually wait for it to dry 100% before I diffuse or scrunch the heck out of it with oil (I currently use Kerastase Elixir, sometimes olive oil).

    Sleeping: I agree with UnderwaterUnicorn, use a satin/silk pillowcase or a satin/silk bonnet (pineapple-d hair).

    Experiment, experiment, love! Hope this helps! Good luck :)
    (Mostly) Heat Damaged + Colored
    Hair Type: 2C (2B underneath)
    CG since March 2017
    Products I currently use:
    VO5, Human Nature, Isana, Tresemme
    Marc Anthony Curl Defining Lotion (my HG)
    Kerastase Elixir
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    hi, I’m 22 and started my curly hair journey about 2 years ago. I have fallen off the wagon a few times but rarely use heat on my hair! I have a feeling we have similar curl types! I have 2B waves on most Days and a few 2C waves mixed in if I’ve been following CG consistently! I started by reading Loraine Massey’s book and that definitely gave me a good knowledge base to start with! I would also suggest checking out somenyoutubers such as Rockyncurls, real life + curly girl, India Batson, the polished curl etc. they’re all type 2/3 curls and are very informative! 
    The main things to try to do are avoid all heat, sulfates, and silicones. Also regular bath towels can damage hair and cause frizz so I only use microfiber towels or old cotton tshirts to dry my hair! Shea moisture has some great curly girl friendly hair products and they have a wide variety! There are tons of options at the drug store so don’t feel like you need to run out and buy crazy expensive products! 
    Curly Girl as of December 2015
    2B/C Waves
    normal/high porosity
    current hair routine: 
    Low-poo: Shea Moisture coconut and Habiscus
    CoWash: As I Am Coconut Cowash
    Conditioner: Shea Moisture Coconut and Habiscus 
    Styling Cream: DevaCurl Styling cream
    Gel: DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel or
     LA Looks Gel (Yellow)
    plop 30 minutes
    air dry or diffuse on low heat and power
     Just got a "big chop" after going through a phase of occasionally heat styling again for a few months 

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