Do I have porous hair?

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I'm confused! here someone says that if your hair dries slow, your hair has low porosity. And if a hair strand feels bumpy, you have porous hair. But my hair takes a long time to dry (I don't know what a long time is actually, when i sleep with wet hair, the next day it won't be dry, or when i wash it in the morning, it's still not dry in the afternoon) but my hair feels kind of bumpy when I run my fingers from end to root. Soo is my hair porous or not? 


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    I don't think those porosity tests are accurate at all.  There are so many different factors that affect dry time, wet time, floating (for the float test), etc. 

    Porous hair will absorb water and other liquid-ish products.  So does your hair absorb stuff?  Can you put in a little conditioner, then find it feels like it's disappeared and you need to add more?  Or if you put in a little bit, it all just slides around and no extra is needed?  That's how I figured out my hair is non-porous - nothing ever gets absorbed.  No matter how little I use, I can still feel it in my hair.
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