Briogeo Products for Fine Low Porosity Hair

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Hello!! I am currently looking into the Briogeo brand, and wanted to know if anyone has had any luck with products on fine low porosity hair? I’ve heard great things about the brand, but wanted the hear y’alls reviews first.

Thanks I’m advance! :)
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Current Products: Nothing I really want to stick to ... using Shea Moisture, it doesn't do much for my hair. OPEN to suggestions :smile:

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    I've use the cowash - Avocado and Quinoa Cowash. I liked it better than any of the other cowashes I've tried, but I've since moved to using low poo. I might go back to cowashing during the winter, or at least alternating cowash and low poo. But yeah, the cowash is pretty good.

    I also really like the Rosarco Moisturizing Milk for refreshing. It might be good for scrunching out the cast, if you use a product for that (I don't).

    I got a sample of the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo I felt was really harsh, I can't remember about the conditioner. I won't be buying those.
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    Current products:
    Changing up my shampoos because I can't find one I like
    Deva Curl One Condition (original formula)
    Innersense I Create Volume
    Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel
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    @bdauz I've never used that product but it sounds interesting!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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