New to this, heat damaged waves

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I just recently started taking better care of my hair (Shea Moisture shampoo, conditioner, and styling products with no silicones or sulfates, plopping with a t-shirt, gentle handling of curls while it's drying) but nothing I do seems to get rid of my frizz. Most of my hair feels nice and soft now so I'm starting to wonder if it's not a moisture problem, but differences in my curl pattern.

I had straightened my hair for years, everyday and only really stopped a few weeks ago so my hair's pretty heat damaged. Most of it's got a 2b-ish to 2c-ish wave but I have straight pieces and also hairs that coil way tighter, breaking away from each individual curl and giving me frizzy looking hair. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it something that just doesn't go away until I cut if off the damaged bits?

I'd also heard that heat damage can't make your hair curlier so would that mean that the tighter curls are closer to my real curl pattern? Or are they actually a result of the damage?

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