My gray hair doesn't curl up :(

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Hello all,

I love my curly hair and I have embraced this new journey to graying.
I'm 37 years old and I have always had a tight 3B pattern with cork shape curls. Since my gray hair has started to grow I noticed that it does not curl up. Most of it is lightly wavy... which is a problem to me because it doesn't blend with the rest of my dark hair that's still curly. Matter of fact, all the gray hairs stick out not visually, but literally!
What can I do?
Will my hair eventually lose all its original pattern?

Help if you can :cry:


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    My curls seem looser to me now I'm grey, but I've also had some considerable thinning in recent years so I'm not sure if that's contributing to making it look looser. When I look at the dark hair I still have (underneath at the back of my head) it's even looser than the grey (and much less frizzy!). I have no idea what's going on, I think we just have to watch and wait.
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    for me, the gray needed more moisture, lots more moisture. and with that on a daily basis, it is even curlier. but not overall. the frustrating part is that while my hair is mostly 3a, now lots of crown hair is 3b, but the bottom is 2c....... it used to be the opposite, the top wavy. it was much, much easier to style that way.

    but try more moisture and some protein treatments.

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