Product+Routine ???: 2b/Thick/High P/Coarse

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New here, new to the Curly Girl method, new to trying to live with my wavy hair. I've figured out what my texture is and that's about it.

2b, with more 2a in the back I think
High Porosity

Hair history/routine: A few years ago I bleached it all and dyed it a really pretty purple and maintained that for about a year. Then I chopped it off into a buzz cut/pixe cut to get rid of the damage. It's been growing out for about a year and a half now, and it's about a foot long in the front, about 8 inches in the back. I've used a box dye on it 2 or 3 times in the last two years.

Routine: I've been using L'oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Moisture shampoo/conditioner for years now. I was washing my hair once a week and then using OGX Argan Oil of Morocco, combing it through and letting it air dry. Doing that it had a nice amount of body with just a hint of wave and it looked pretty. However, it's getting long enough now where that routine wasn't cutting it anymore-- it was looking untidy and meh.

I always lost patience with my hair when I was in high school/college and just ended up throwing it into "The Wad" as my mother called it (buns) or straightening it. I'd like to try to get comfortable with my waves ... without it eating into a huge portion of my day.

So, here's what I'm having trouble with so far:

I'm still using the L'oreal shampoo/conditioner about once a week, then using the Bumble & Bumble "Don't Blow It" creme and DevaCurl "Ultra Defining Gel." That does create some pretty amazing first-day waves ... but it literally takes ALL DAY to dry. All day. Second-day waves are ... <shrug> they're fine. Nothing spectacular, but presentable. Third-day waves are just .... nooooooo. So I've taken to just rinsing my hair and co-washing it mid-week but it's getting freezing cold outside and leaving my house with wet hair is miserable.

So I bought a diffuser ... and remembered why I haven't used a blow dryer on my hair since I was 16 (fourteen years ago). I blow-dryed to about 75% dry, which took about 45 minutes. Lots and lots and lots of volume and riotous, gorgeous waves I really liked ... but as it dried that last 25% it got as frizzy as I remember. Second-day waves are alright-- better than when I let it air dry, but frizzy. (Considering it looks pretty great straightened which takes me about 15 minutes this time suck for poor results is ... frustrating).

Here's the question:

Anyone out there with 2b/thick/coarse/high porosity hair have any luck with plopping over night? How does one plop with short-to-medium-length hair?

For any 2b/thick/coarse/high porosity people who diffuse-- anything I can do routine or product-wise to cut down on the frizz? I'd be especially interested in something I could add when it's dry. Spraying it with water to dampen it and then using more gel... did not work. Greasy, lumpy, dirty-looking hair was the result and it didn't help the waves look better.


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    The beginning can be very difficult! It's a lot of trial and error to figure out what works best for your hair type! Do the products your using contain silicones? If so, having a sulfate free shampoo and still using silicones can creat build up with can cause frizz and prevent curl formation from reaching its full potential. I would try a clarifying shampoo to eliminate any silicones you might have and would suggest trying shea moistures shampoo and conditions. They are sulfate and silicone free and created solely for wavy/curlies! Moisture definitely plays a role in eliminating frizz. Also, i have not tried plopping over night but i do like to plop for 15-30 minutes after I'm done styling my hair. I then will either let it air dry(for what seems like an eternity) or i diffuse. When i diffuse I use low heat and low power. With the diffuser off, i gather a section of hair in it, turn the diffuser on, leave it there, touching my scalp for a minute. Then i turn the diffuser off and move to the next section of hair. This really helps me to cut down on the frizzadn helps my curls too stay clumped a bit better. One thing that i have noticed with my hair is that i have to add a bit more gel when i use a diffuser in order to keep frizz levels down. If i get a cast from it(that wet crunchy look) i just flipped my head over, ruffle my roots a bit to break it up, and then "scrunch out the crunch" as they call it. But i do not do this until my hair is 100% dry, if its not, i get frizz. One way i know that ill get better second day hair is if I'm left with a cast once my hair is completely dry. Hard hold gels work the best for me it just takes practice to determine how much is needed. I plan on trying to sleep while plopping and see how it goes. my hair takes forever to dry and its cold here as well so I don't like going out with wet hair. One product i use to get the best 2nd day hair i can, is Mixed Chicks Morning After Redefining Foam? I think that's what its called. It helps with frizz and gives a little bit more hold. I sometimes have to scrunch out a little bit of crunch or what i do to get rid if that sometimes is use a silicone free hair oil. Shea moisture makes a few different ones(Arian Oil and Jojoba oil are my favs). Wow that was long! Sorry but i hope this helps in some way or another! 
    Curly Girl as of December 2015
    2B/C Waves
    normal/high porosity
    current hair routine: 
    Low-poo: Shea Moisture coconut and Habiscus
    CoWash: As I Am Coconut Cowash
    Conditioner: Shea Moisture Coconut and Habiscus 
    Styling Cream: DevaCurl Styling cream
    Gel: DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel or
     LA Looks Gel (Yellow)
    plop 30 minutes
    air dry or diffuse on low heat and power
     Just got a "big chop" after going through a phase of occasionally heat styling again for a few months 

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