Gelatin PT which makes my hair sticky

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Hello lovely people!!

I have 2a fine, mostly medium density hair which I think is low/normal porosity and I'm pretty certain it loves protein. I had a sample of John Masters honey and hibiscus hair reconstructor which is a protein treatment for damaged hair (which mine is not, I don't use any heat or hair dye etc). Anyway I put this on my hair and it was the waviest it had ever been, I would say I actually had 2b hair underneath!

Anyway back to the gelatin PT, I've tried it twice now but both times it doesn't actually make my hair stiff or dry like it says it should, it just goes sticky. Why is this? I'm using Dr Oetker sachets although I will try the knox brand as soon as I can. I leave it on about 10 minutes and today I even tried with a hairdryer to try and dry it and it was still wet and sticky. When I wash it out it doesn't make my hair dry or anything and does give me a bit more of a wave..It does make my scalp feel a little sensitive/hot for a day but disappears the next morning - this doesn't bother me.

Any tips on what I'm doing wrong?