Most natural conditioner to sub for Pantene ProV Curly?

foundmycurlsfoundmycurls Posts: 28Registered Users
I need thick conditioner like the Pantene conditioner but would like something "clean" aka no neuro toxins. Do you know if Pantene is clean? Any subs you know of?

Thank you!
found my curls in 2002-03. 2b or 3a shoulder length Medium texture, Highly porous (I think?).

Currently using-
any shampoo that we have on hand
Pantene normal-thick conditioner
Giovanni Leave-in Conditioner
Rockin Ringlets
Beyond The Zone mega hold gel from Sally's
Color treated to cover gray

My hair loves it when I use Coconut Oil as a leave-in treatment the night before I wash it.

Diffuse 2-3 minutes

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