Am I 3B?

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Hello everyone!

This is my first time here and I am just trying to figure out what kind of hair I have! I took the quiz and it said 3b but my hair really isn't course like the results described so I figured I would ask for everyone's thoughts!

A little bit more about me. I have always hated my natural hair texture and did all sorts of crazy stuff to it including getting a Brazilian straightening when I was in high school (eek!). After years of straightening almost constantly, I half-accepted my hair and just started cleaning up the curls with a flat iron to make them more springy. Of course, that damaged everything and I was left with these straight pieces all over the front.

The other day I got fed up with those straight pieces and decided to chop it all off. Well, I regret it. My hair is so short and the curls don't seem very nicely formed. So I need some help to figure out how I can make the curls nice without constant heat! I know that all my heat tools are a big part of the reason my hair hasn't grown longer than my shoulder blades in years.

Sooo... Can anyone out there help me figure out where to start???

My hair:

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