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My daughter is 6 and from this website it looks like 2A hair. I have stick straight hair, so this is all completely new to me. The only person I know with curly hair has ringlets and just uses Pantene shampoo/conditioner. We've been using these types of shampoos/conditioners, but I've been noticing her hair straitening more and I want to bring back the curls. I love humid days for her hair! Her hair is long (bottom of back/top of butt). I'm so overwhelmed with the website and research...
1. Which shampoos/conditioners should I try?
2. Is there a better hair cut that would bring out curls?
3. I typically braid, or put it in a ponytail for school. Any better out-of-her face styles that will help with her hair care?


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    1. I think Shea Moisture has a kid's line that would work. Aveeno has a baby shampoo, not sure about conditioner though. For a cheap conditioner, Tresemme Perfectly Undone is good. You want to make sure there's no sulphates or silicones in the products. Sulphates are in shampoos and will say "sulphate". Silicones are words that end in "-cone", "-conol", or "-xane". Silicones are found in all products, typically not shampoos, but they are in some.

    2. Layers will bring out the curls, but that reduces your options for braiding or ponytailing.

    3. For a 6 year old, those are probably the best options. Just be sure the rubber bands you're using are causing damage to the hair.
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    Definitely try to find sulfate and silicone free products! Those tend to negatively effect waves and curls! Look up real life + curly girl on YouTube, she has a good video on how she styles her daughters hair and what products work without weighing down their hair! Those hairstyles are both great, also many a half up, half down style? I do this even, to get my hair out of my face without putting it all up (which gives me a headache). I would definitely try using those old school scrunchies, they do a great job of not causing too much damage or tangles because they are more gentle on the hair. Try to about super tight pony tails or the plastic/rubber hair bands as they are very damaging and get tangled and break the hair. 
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