Drying help?

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My hair's texture ranges from 2b, 2c and some strands 3a - but it's also heat damaged and I've only been keeping it away from heat entirely for maybe a month. The length is a bob, a little bit past my ears and though I have a lot of hair, I have pretty flat roots (triangle hair lol.)

Anyway, my issue is that when I plop my hair, the curls turn out the best (definition and frizz wise) but my roots... ugh. I've tried clipping the roots while in the plop but that doesn't do much.

All I've been able to do so far is plop my hair, put up with my flat ish hair for one day then when I get home I wet my roots and put some volume mousse in it, clip the roots and my hair looks great! It's just that one day where I feel so self conscious and I wish I had a better method.

Any advice for something better I could do?


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    I just want to say that you shouldn't feel self-conscious because your hair doesn't look exactly as you would like it to. I promise, no one is taking notes and thinking that your hair looks bad.
    They're looking at your lovely face and listing to what comes out of your thoughtful and loving brain and maybe thinking... wow, she has such pretty curls!
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    What are you doing after you plop? Air-drying or diffusing? If I plop (I sometimes do, sometimes don't) my roots look very flat and plastered to my head when I remove the plop. I then diffuse though, making sure to lift the roots as I do, and that brings the volume back.
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