NEWBIE and Feeling Overwhelmed!

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the Naturally Curly community. I used to have type 3A curls, sometimes even bordering on 3B, but I have destroyed my beautiful hair after years of straightening, over-washing, and product abuse. I had problems with my hair getting oily as a teen, so I got into the habit of shampooing daily, and not conditioning in the shower, but using a small amount of leave-in conditioner post-wash. I typically styled with a cream or mousse and was very much toss-and-go. I didn't even own a hairdryer, and straightening was reserved for special occasions because it would take an hour. Then, about 4 years ago, I chopped off 13 inches to donate to Locks of Love and wore a pixie for about 2 years before I began growing it back out. During that time, I bought my first hairdryer, switched to a pomade, and began straightening certain areas of my hair ON THE DAILY. At one point, I decided I wanted to try going blonde because I had a girl-crush on Elsa Pataky, who had a very cute blonde pixie at the time. I lifted the color with a glaze, and then DESTROYED my hair with bleached highlights, a decision I have regretted ever since. When I decided to grow it back out, I went through this transitional phase from pixie, to inverted bob, to chin-length bob, and now it is about shoulder length. I chopped off all of the fried, bleached out ends, and was expecting my curls to revert back to normal with the new growth, but it seems like I ruined that by continuing to straighten my hair as I was growing it out. Until a few months ago, I was still doing this EVERY DAY. I just started the process of researching how to go about remedying this horrible situation I've gotten myself into, and I eventually stumbled upon this site. I am so incredibly overwhelmed by the wealth of information that is available in this community alone, as well as the internet as a whole. Any advice on where to start would be hugely appreciated!


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    Welcome! We're glad to have you!

    Are you off the heat? No dryers or irons?

    Have you deep conditioned?

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