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I just wanted to say hi and see if anyone with similar hair has some advice for me! I have very thick/dense, fine-to-medium 2B wavy hair that I've been straightening for years. About 3 weeks ago I decided I'd had enough and threw out all the products I was using that contained sulfates and silicones (was previously using Pantene plus a heat protectant).

The first few days I was a dry, poofy mess but it's slowly getting better. I'm trying DevaCurl Delight shampoo/conditioner until I'm able to find a cheaper alternative. I've been using Deva's deep conditioner and protein treatment once each per week on different nights. My hair goes a bit limp from the deep condition but perks up when I use the protein. I follow with the Shea Moisture coconut-hibiscus milk as a leave-in, DevaCurl Wavemaker and a hard-hold gel (the blue LA Looks).

I'm still having trouble getting clumps and avoiding frizz... my hair looks great wet but as it dries I get a halo, and by the end of the day my waves start to go limp. I've yet to go 2 days without washing. I'm unsure of my hair's porosity but based on all the heat styling I was putting it through (and how much conditioner it soaks up) I'm guessing medium-to-high. I'm hoping this will get better as my hair starts to heal itself.

I'll keep reading all of these great articles, thanks for any advice you may have! :)

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