Matted and Upset

So I will make this short & sweet. I have curly hair. Beautiful curly hair. For reference: I am 3B, the woman they use for the picture has the EXACT same hair I do. The problem is this: it gets matted so easily. People say “just brush it” as if thatll fix it or prevent it. Right now it’s bad. I don’t want to cut it off again. The last time it was this bad I used a drugstore hair mask and put on a cap and let it sit for an hour & brushed it out. It came out beautifully. Can anyone suggest a good deep conditioner / hair mask ? As for preventing this: what is best to prevent this ?


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    Does it just mat over the course of one day? Or overnight? Do you sleep on a satin pillowcase? Do you pineapple?
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    More moisture!

    Also how often do you wash & detangle? You may need to do it more often.

    I would also look for a curl friendly detangling/refresh product that can be used between washes. It may help to do a bit of finger detangling between washes.
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