Can anyone tell me what my hair type is ?

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I just really want to know lol. Let me give you a back story. I used to straighten my hair all the time in middle school and I stopped at the end of my junior year in high school. I had got my hair cut professionally up to bra length b/c of the dead ends, my senior year in high school. But I kept seeing these annoying straight pieces in my hair... so I ended up cutting more of hair. Jump forward a couple of months; and now I am in college (currently) and my friend had trimmed my hair. (My hair is now to my shoulders). Over the years my hair has been terrible lol. But now, I don’t have any straight pieces (THANK GOD) and I am in this journey or repairing my hair. I just want to know what hair type I have and what products I should use to benefit new growth.


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    I'm so sorry. The image poster isn't working right now. We're trying to get it fixed. Can you link us to some images on another website, maybe?

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