Is 'Mizani True Textures Moisture Stretch' a Texturizer?

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I am transitioning to natural, havent cut my relaxed hair off yet, and Ive been working really hard to moisturize my hair. Ive tried the LOC method, and these past couple of days Ive switched to the LCO method. These methods have seemed to work for a few minutes or so before I wrap my hair up for the night, but when I get up in the morning my hair is dry again. I decided to switch out my products. I bought the Cantu shea butter leavin-in conditioning repair cream, the Mizani Moisture Stretch, and Cantu argan oil. Last night before I went to bed, I co-washed my hair using the Cantu leave-in cream, then used the LCO method to moisturize my hair. When I first tried the Mizani, my hair texture didnt appear to change, but it felt moisturized for a little while. When I used it for the first time, I did notice my hair felt thicker when I combed through, which I didnt like. When I used the LCO method last night, I completely coated my hair with the product which I hadnt done before. I really wanted my hair to be moisturized and soft.

Now, I woke up and my hair was not completely dry, even though I blowdried it last night. Throughout the day my hair dried and appeared shiny, but was stiff. It is late at night now, and I was looking at my hair and I noticed that a few of my strands in the front perimeter of my head were curly/coily/springy. This has not happened before. And mind you, throughout taking care of my transitioning hair Ive felt curls near to my scalp in the middle and back of my head, but the front has always been just a bunch of hair or 'nappy'. Now I must inform you that when I was started out doing my hair I was using Mane and Tail's Conditioner, and I have only just realized it says 'Conditioner/Texturizer' on it. I decided to stop using it, and last night was my first night using the Cantu leave-in to cowash my hair, all of the other times I just used the Mane and Tail to cowash & deep condition. I dont think my curls are attributed to the Mane and Tail, but time will tell. The curls I noticed near the front of my head though, I am concerned it is from using the Mizani Moisture Stretch. I want to know my true texture, so I am trying to stay away from texturizing products. Can anyone tell me whether the Mizani Moisture Stretch is indeed a texturizer? Also, if you have any comments or advice about my hair experiences or hair in general, please leave them. I could really use advice! Thank you so much ♡


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    No. A texturizer is a relaxer. Therefore you would have to use a neutralizing shampoo after it.
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