advice about texture changes? I want to dye my hair.. but too scared.

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Hello my curly haired friends!

SIGH. ok to make this short.
My hair over the past two/three years has changed. It used to be silky, soft and sans frizz. Now its frizzy, dry and roughish ( like the pic attached)
I got a major hair cut in April in an attempt to get rid of dead ends etc.
- I've changed products. Sulphate free, silicone free, lots of organic/home made products.
- I do overnight masks every other week and retain heat with a plastic cap. ( eggs/honey/coconut oil/ACV/olive oil)
- I seal with cold water.
- use a wide tooth comb.
-wash once a week/cowash
-use a microfiber towel
- I don't use heat or dye my hair.
- I eat clean and drink tones of water
- I take vitamins

I'm assuming it's because I'm transitioning to my 30's? I know sometimes it changes with age.. just not sure what else to do!
I don't want to dye my hair until I know its not dry anymore!
I haven't dyed my hair in 3 years.



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    What products are you currently using?

    It could be a couple different things. You might want to try clarifying first. Use a regular sulphate shampoo to get a really good clean, then go back to your co-wash next time. You can do that once a month or so to get rid of build up. It could also be a reaction to incorrect protein levels - either too much or too little. If we know what you use now, we can make some suggestions.
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