Anyone familiar with Olaplex?

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Hello! I've heard of Olaplex ... but I'm not certain of the criteria to use the product. I know that it is supposed to be repairing, but when do you know to use it? I'm getting my hair colored Friday, is this something I need to purchase for after the coloring process? OR is this product for hair that's already having issues .... like my limp curls nonsense?

PLEASE HELP! I'm not too familiar of the tips and tricks to keep your hair defined and healthy.
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-- Brooke


  • MichelleMichelle Administrator Administrators Posts: 742 Administrator
    LOVE Olaplex 3. don't know exactly what's in it but it seems to make my curls bouncier and softer, especially after I've mistreated them.
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    Olaplex is a during color, after color, and take home product. Olaplex works best when combined with color or bleach to retain the integrity of the hair. It works by repair the disulfide bonds in hair that are permanently broken when we color, chemically process, or experience heat damage.
    There isn't a set way of knowing when to use the product. No 1 is the during color step. No 2 is used after rinsing out color. And no 3 is the take home product Michelle is referring to.
    If you are getting a color service, your stylist may or may not use Olaplex without being asked. Some stylists don't use it because they never have or they don't like the products' effect on processing time or developer strength. If they do use it, it may be an add on service. If your stylist uses Olaplex, it's worth the additional fee. You can choose whether or not to purchase the No 3 take home product. It is a revolutionary product that prevents your hair from sustaining the damage that color, bleach, and perms have on your hair. Please don't expect a miracle though. The first time I used it, I was a bit underwhelmed by it because it is hyped up so much.
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    I've used it before and i love it! I haven't used it in awhile now, but when my hair was extremely dry and damaged it really helped get my curls to bounce back.
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    olaplex basically adds the dissulfide bonds back into your hair that are either broken from heat or weather etc....i use it once a week after my cowash while the conditioner is sitting for 30 mins....i say go for it! ive been at this a month and olapex hass always been in my routine! My hair has never felt or looked healthier ever!! best of luck to you
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    I have never used Olaplex but now I want to!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    Never heard of it, but I don't color my hair so maybe it's only used in salons? Off to look it up! 
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    I like Olaplex as it is a nice treatment. I don't buy that it repairs damages though, if anything it fills in the broken bits of shaft temporarily but you need to keep reapplying weekly to keep getting the effect. It is a nice treatment and leaves hair bouncy and soft. If you color your hair especially, this makes a great weekly treatment. 
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