Need Hair Advice

Hi all! I have been natural for 4 years now and my hair has not grown at all. My natural hair has been shoulder length since I first went natural and its starting to stress me out. My hair texture has improved though, I have a defined curl pattern. I will List more information below.

I've been natural for 4 years. I only recently developed a *decent* hair routine. I have never had a perm. I always used to wear box braids. I only get my hair straightened with a flat iron once a year.

My Hair Type:
I have REALLY low porosity hair, I think I have 4a hair but I may have 3c.

My Routine:
~Every morning and before bed I spray my hair with water.
~Every Sunday I deep condition and shampoo
~during the week, every 2 days I condition my hair (no shampoo)
~ I recently have begun to finger detangle instead of using a comb (though I have noticed A LOT more shed hair then before)
~I also rarely wear my hair out expect at home, I wear a lot of up-dos.

My products:

~Eden Body Works moisturizing shampoo
~Eden Body Works Deep Conditioner
~ Eden Body Work Peppermint Hair oil
~Eden Body Works Leave In - conditioner

I eat healthy ( as in lots of vegetables and fish). I do not take any supplements or multivitamins. With my hair I have noticed that I do not have a lot of breakage, just natural shed hairs (shed hair with bulb at the end)

I used to deep condition my hair twice a week, but I stopped because I read that was a bad Idea. My hair used to get super stiff, and felt dry right when I got out of the shower.

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