Trying to work out strand thickness.

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So, since I posted here last I think it's been about a year and my hair has dramatically improved. It's clearly a 2c/3a/3b kind of mix and also low porosity. Density is medium to high.

The other night I decided to try my hair 'naked' after washing to assess its general state so deliberately left off any additional products after I washed my conditioner out. Thus I can confirm that what I wrote above is accurate. :)

When I went out the next morning it was completely dry and the curls had formed as usual if in fact a little less frizzy. I suspect that's down to the low porosity and also that in relation when my hair is still definitely damp next morning it's because the product I leave in is only making the low porosity more obvious, plus having to leave it up in a scarf etc.

What I noticed was that my hair felt dry and when I rubbed a curl in between my fingers I could hear it scritch. Without any product in the elasticity is also relatively low.

Later that day when I put some of the Aunt Jackie's flaxseed gel in my hair actually frizzed a little and now each strand feels lightly coated but not dirty and slightly more bumpy than usual. I know that the gel has added protein. Normally my hair is smooth to the point of squeaking so I'm not sure if that's low porosity or texture especially as the texture of my hair overall without product is dry and slightly rough/frizzy.

I'm not sure if I'm confused because when I compare it to thread it's the same thickness, but rubbing a hair strand in one hand and thread in the other, the hair actually feels stiffer, fractionally rougher and more brittle/tough while actually I could easily forget I was holding the thread and my hair doesn't really roll, it slides. :D

Sorry for the detailed and slightly rambling explanation but any thoughts much' appreciated. :)


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    It seems like your hair has too much protein, may need to take a pause and switch to balancing the moisture and the protein! :D

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