Need LONG LASTING, STRONG hold that doesn’t weigh down

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Hi! :) I am looking for recs on a strong hold but even more important long lasting gel that won’t weigh down fine, easily gunked up curls.
I have low porosity, 3a-b hair that loves protein and loses its shape and becomes flat, frizzy and undefined very quickly but is easily weighed down by heavy products (and seems to lose its shape with heavier products also regardless).
Right now I am getting great results in terms of definition, volume and clumps with a touch of leave in followed by FSG, but I lose all 3 of those things within half a day. I am looking for something to help hold my results from those first few hrs.
My hair seems to like a less is more approach, especially for volume - is there a product I can add to my fsg or apply afterward to give it long lasting hold without gunking my hair up or sacrificing volume?


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    What have you tried? My go to is Kinky Curly custard. So far it's the only one that gives me enough hold to maintain my spirals.
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    I've been using LA Looks Sport gel for 13+ years and still love it. Strong hold, never producty or flaky, cheap, and easy to find. 
    My hair did not love flax seed gel at all. It didn't give me hold or volume. 
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    not a strong hold, but a very longtime hold is a new curl junkie product, spiral lotion curl creme.  i use a leave in first, then add some cj spiral lotion, followed by a little bit of pattern pusha.  i have amazing 2nd day hair, can get 3rd day hair.  my hair is mostly 3a but with this creme my 2nd day hair looks like shirley temple!!  lol,  and that is without any refreshing.
    since it is new she is only selling it on the curl junkie website so i will be honest that without sales it makes it pricey, especially with shipping.  i spurlged because i had tested this for her in early may and could not wait to my hands on it again. can't tell you how many times i emailed poor marsha asking when it would be released.  
    it is concentrated and little goes a long way, plus you can get several days out of it.   
    what it does for my hair, literally transforms it.  shiny, curl definition, bouncy.....  and i do think a gel is a good partner with it.  again, a little bit of both.

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    I need to try some of this: Spiral Lotion Curl Creme  .... I've heard so many good things about it. 

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    I highly rec the SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Marfura Oil Hydration Strong Hold Gel...I find it to be a lightweight gel (pending you don't use tons of it) with a very strong hold!! I love it!
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