Need LONG LASTING, STRONG hold that doesn’t weigh down

CTcurlygirlCTcurlygirl Registered Users Posts: 15 Curl Neophyte
Hi! :) I am looking for recs on a strong hold but even more important long lasting gel that won’t weigh down fine, easily gunked up curls.
I have low porosity, 3a-b hair that loves protein and loses its shape and becomes flat, frizzy and undefined very quickly but is easily weighed down by heavy products (and seems to lose its shape with heavier products also regardless).
Right now I am getting great results in terms of definition, volume and clumps with a touch of leave in followed by FSG, but I lose all 3 of those things within half a day. I am looking for something to help hold my results from those first few hrs.
My hair seems to like a less is more approach, especially for volume - is there a product I can add to my fsg or apply afterward to give it long lasting hold without gunking my hair up or sacrificing volume?


  • nc_adminnc_admin Administrator Administrators Posts: 50 Administrator
    Off topic: I'm going thru the forums, looking for spam to delete. I see a thread title with "LONG LASTING, STRONG" and I immediately think spam. LOL.
    Don't worry; I see the error of my ways and will not delete your thread.

    On topic: Have you tried CurlKeeper? Not strong enough hold for what you're looking for?

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