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So I get my highlights and cuts at an inexpensive chain (Saturdays). I started going there initially bc I liked the freedom of just being able to walk in whenever and not having to work my week around an apt time. But several yrs ago I started requesting, and then scheduling appointments with, this older stylist, Janet. She saved me from a botched color job and I have gone to her ever since. But she is old and of retirement age. She works only two days a week...I'm sure she will retire completely soon. So I am currently hating my hair and I want to go darker, starting with major low lights. I really want this done asap as I have serious roots and just hate the way it looks. This Saturday is perfect and really my only opportunity as my kids are with their father so no sports, no parties, no responsibilities. But Janet is booked all day on Saturday. She doesn't work Sundays. Going in at 10am on a Wednesday just isn't feasible. Her next apt after that is the following Saturday but I will have my kids and Idk yet if they will have sports practices. So that's not a great option for me. It's looking like I will have to wait 2.5 weeks until Nov 11...if I wait for Janet.

Is it bad if I go w/ someone else? If so, should it be from that Saturdays location? Or another location? And what do I tell Janet when I go back to her? It's not like my hair turned bright green and I absolutely needed her right then.


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    No, you're totally ok to go in there and have someone else do it. She's taken herself down to two days a week, she knows everyone can't fit that schedule and you've already tried to get in.

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    I'd say it's fine too. If she says anything just tell her you had a function to go to and really needed your roots done - she knows her availability is limited.
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