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I'm new to "transition" and to the website. Glad to see there's something out there to help me in this long process. I've been relaxer free since late November - a good 4.5 months.... I was tired of the scalp burns, itchy and flaky scalp. I'm sure some of you have experienced this. Anyway, I think from reading that maybe I have 4A or 4B - I'm not sure. I am African American and 26 years old. My hair is shoulder length right now. The root of my hair looks like little squiggly S shapes.

So here are a few questions:

- I've got a little new growth, maybe about 1.5 inches - what kind of styles are recommended? Right now, I've been getting it washed, blowed, and pressed (At the root only). That's fine but it get's expensive to do that EVERY WEEK - I can't do it myself.

- How did most of you deal with the new "natural" growth?

- I'm heading off too the Bahamas soon and I'll be in the water alot...what do I do to my hair when it's constantly in the water. What kind of styles can I wear? What kinds of products should I keep in it.

- Are there any good books that can teach you how to braid?

- Can anyone suggest good products for shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, etc?

"It's all about the texture"


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    I am no longer transitioning, but when I was I had some of the same questions. I would caution you about hotcombs because sometimes if it is too hot you can loose your curl just be careful. Also, I liked the Aveda sap moss shampoo and conditioner while I was transitioning. the conditioner gave me a lot of slip and made it easier to detangle my hair. As for styles going to the Bahamas it will be a lot easier to just get cornrows, it will be pretty, low maintenance and a protective style for a few weeks. Other than that...once some water hits your hair or moiusture the roots are going to revert. On to leave-ins...I like ABBA nourish and neutrogena triple moisture. HTH

    Hair Type: small 3c patch in the center, mostly 4a with a patch of 4b at my temples
    Shampoo: Suave daily clarifying ( when I feel that need)
    Conditioners: AOHSR, MM, olive oil
    Styler/Leave-in: SheaMoisture, Fantasia IC, HNS

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