Sunny Isles Pimento Oil with Black Castor Oil

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Hey all,
I've got 4b/c hair. And my hair loves JBCO.

So here I went in a hair oil store and saw the Sunny Isle Jamaican Organic Pimento Oil with Black Castor oil. I somehow just read it as JBCO of another brand I never used and went meh and bought it.

Now I'm new to natural hair care. But I have tried different kinds of JBCO variations but in the same way, every two day application. One with Coconut oil did not contribute anything to my hair. No bad reaction, just nothing. Mango and Lime's JBCO was and is my love. It was what I went to buy But this Pimento Oil one...

I had no tangles after I took out a month long protective style like how the rest did. I honestly did not need to detangle after. There was no frizzy. Sure it was oily, but it didn't feel heavy and needed a wash like how it usually feels. Of course I had to wash it (one month without a shampoo for me is a no) but it didn't feel like I needed to. I could just braid my hair off and leave. It looked like how my hAir looks when I wash and put in a leave in conditioner and rolled my hair and combed it down after air drying.

But because I am new to this, was that a good thing?

I had less breakage but I never did length checks till this month (and I've been natural my whole life��) so not sure what to say about length. So I'm hoping it isnt me being happy about something bad.

So has anyone used this before? And what were your experience with it?

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