Dyeing my hair JET BLACK. Is this curly hair suicide??

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Hey guys!

So my natural hair color is dark brown. For 6 or 7 years now, my hair has been dyed auburn and I stuck with because it just seems me or rather I liked that it really complements my eyes. But for so long I've been known for that hair color, and recently I've been on this journey of (figuring and) accepting myself wholly - from who I am to my natural physical attributes. That's why I started to embrace my natural curly hair going on 8 months now (yay! Even if my family was so used to my straightened hair that they still think up to now that I permed my hair lol) and now I want to try to start embracing my dark hair color (only maybe I want it darker than how it was lol baby steps)

Anywaaaay 😅😂 I'm planning on dyeing my hair JET BLACK. Is it safe to dye it that color after years of heat and red dye? When is it safe to dye it that color after just retouching the auburn hair a month ago? Will I lose curl definition? Is this curly hair suicide?

Thank you in advance, lovelies! Have a good day or night 😊
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    First thing you need to know: Dyeing your hair black is a permanent commitment regardless of which route you were take. You will not be able to change that hair's color until it is grown out and cut off. This is something that needs to be fully understood as removing black dye is impossible without sustaining a good bit of damage. Now to your options:
    1. Black permanent hair color. This will cause damage, but you wouldn't need to reapply it unless it faded (which could happen if your hair is too porous, but unlikely).
    2. Black demi permanent hair color. This is deposit only. This means that it is a bit less harsh than permanent. It may fade and need to be reapplied.
    3. Black semi permanent hair color. This is a non damaging route. It is like a coating of color over your hair. It will fade and need to be reapplied every so often.
    4. Henna. This is a permanent option. I do not know much about henna other than it is 100% permanent and could actually help the state of your hair. Do keep in mind that henna is as permanent as it comes. It is not budging from your hair.
    It is fine to dye your hair if you choose a non damaging route, either henna or semi permanent. If you choose a dye that uses developer such as the demi and permanent option, you will sustain some form of damage. Damage does require more work.
    As always, the smart thing to do is to go to a salon. But if you decide the DIY route, know what you are doing and what you are in for. Just because some options may fade, they are still difficult to remove from the hair 100%, so the commitment is there. If you do DIY, you may want to use a color remover first in case you have color build up (I don't know your dye history nor if you overlap). I would try to wait a week before dyeing after the color remover just to give it a break, but color remover can leave you with interesting (ie not attractive) colors, so you may opt to go ahead and dye.
    Keep in mind, that this is general advice and your hair history will determine which steps you would need (hence the salon suggestion). I am also not an expert on black hair dye (natural blonde with a fear of commitment), but this should give you an idea of your options and help with your research. Best of luck!
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    Thank you so much BrittanyM!
    (Mostly) Heat Damaged + Colored
    Hair Type: 2C (2B underneath)
    CG since March 2017
    Products I currently use:
    VO5, Human Nature, Isana, Tresemme
    Marc Anthony Curl Defining Lotion (my HG)
    Kerastase Elixir
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    Hi UnrulyCurlz,

    To add to what BrittanyM said, if you still want to go jet black but are afraid of hair suicide consider trying henna doing the 2-step henndigo. I had this crisis when I started going gray, and I am thoroughly pleased when hennaing my hair.

    The 2-step henndigo is just applying henna mask to your hair (leave around 3 hours), washing it out, then applying an indigo mask to your hair (leave1-2 hours). I do the henna stage on night, then the indigo stage the next night. It is a bit of a production, but this will produce jet black hair, and will leave your hair conditioned and curly. Since I have done this, my hair has just been the best it has ever been. If you want to learn more, checkout:
    Henna for Hair
    Henna Caravan

    Some quick thoughts though:
    1) Be sure to use body art quality (BAQ) henna as it is safer, especially on hair that has been previously dyed.
    2) Henna and "henndigo" is permanent and there is no going back. Henna only gets darker, you can't go lighter with henna. Doing the two step henndigo will result in jet black hair that you can't go back from.
    3) However, the indigo fades slowly, like your blue jeans. It fades on me to a soft black (after a few months) and then a sort of dark brown (after about a year or so). Easy enough to fix though - just reapply to the length of your hair.
    4) Henna has a reputation for causing curl patter to loosen, but it can be prevented by adding amla to the mix. I would strongly advise using amla as the acid for dye release in your henna mix, and avoiding lemon juice or other acids, as amla is also conditioning and curl enhancing on its own. I found lemon to be damaging.
    5) Henna (and amla) also has reputation for being drying, and I think it is, but nothing a post-rinse oil treatment can't fix. I apply oil after I shamp/cond the indigo out when my hair is still we, then shampoo/condish out the oil the next morning.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
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    I went jet black 1.5 yrs ago. I kept it for about 9 months, got sick of it and lightened it. Then black again and now lighter once more. All done at a salon. My hair is fine. I would not try this diy, tho.

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