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tomorrow night i'd like to wear do my eyes all dark...i practiced last night, with the black eyliner and my black eyeshadow. my mum sed it looked nice, but i wasn't sure. does anyone have any tips on how to make it look ok, like put the eyeshadow over your whole lid, or just a little bit, if you know what i mean? tia!! :)
curli bounce xx


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    but of course!

    i am one of those strange people who wears "smokey" eyes day and night!


    how else am i going to use up all the makeup i have in my arsenal? ;)

    the secret is blending the shadow whether you're just lining or putting it in the crease or all over.

    my daytime look consists of pale colour all over lid up to brow, medium shade on outher 3/4 of lid, dark colour in crease and to line.

    you could try the black shadow for the medium and dark shades, or use it all over. apply with a damp qtip and soften with a clean, dry brush. add more until you get the desired effect, concentrating the dark colour on the outer part of the eye and the crease.

    line the lower lashes if you want, and use a pointed sponge tip applicator to soften that line with more black shadow.

    use a highlighter on the brow bone.

    do light lips with this look unless you want full goth effect. :)

    have fun!
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  • curli_bouncecurli_bounce Registered Users Posts: 10
    thanks for all your help! i tried some things out, i hoped it looked okay!!! thanks again! :D
    curli bounce xx

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