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So my hair is a misfit...

I have 3A / Thick /High Porosity /Coarse /Frizzy hair...sounds fun right!!??

If it gets too long/heavy it wont curl on the top layers, just pulls down and frizz's, the underneath will curl from the root to the halfway mark then go limp, so long curls isn't a thing...

I believe the frizz in my hair is due to the porosity of the hair and the coarse texture - AKA dry though it feels soft..I do not use a towel nor do i brush it unless i have ironed it flat which is only on special occasion.

I also have allergies so products and me have a love - hate relationship and I am in some serious need of trial runs on products that folks believe in.

Deva Curl - Decadence line leaves my hair ok, still very frizzy...No Poo Original leaves it greasy...Delight I cant use due to allergy

Bed Head Line - Allergic to

Allergies - Propolis / Beeswax / Honey / Almonds (including oils and tree nuts) / Nickel

I CAN USE Shea and Coconut

Biggest issue is top frizz and second day oil slick

Yes I color treat my hair

What else would you like to know? Any advice appreciated
3A/Thick/High Porosity/Coarse/Color Treated
Allergic to Honey/Propolis/Beeswax/Almonds/Nickel


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    Are you happy with your haircut? Is it layered? A really good haircut solves many issues LOL.

    My hair is also coarse and high porosity, but only medium density. Like you, I color it and like you I'm allergic to nickel.

    It's interesting to me that you can use Shea and Coconut. I haven't tried coconut but I find shea too heavy.

    Curl Junkie makes really good products - kind of expensive though.

    I can't speak to the second day oil slick (my hair is dry and I almost never manage 2nd day hair) but top frizz is very common. I wonder whether a light pomade would help solve that issue. People who are cg often use Jane Carter nourish and shine. I didn't like it much. Kinky Curly makes a pomade that is cg. One that gets high marks but isn't cg is curlisto finishing pomade. One of the women who started this site (I think her name is Michelle) recommends it.

    Good luck - please chime in again and hopefully others will also give you good advice.
    2/c Coarse hair med. density.
    Highly porous. Color over grey.
    I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
    Every day is a gift :flower:
  • sapphiregemsapphiregem Registered Users Posts: 5
    Funny, I just ordered some Curl Junkie to test out as I was reading about that one lol... I can use shea, but I dont use a lot of it so ya it can get heavy on my hair...interesting that top frizz is common, so bloody annoying!!!

    I will look into the others you mention. Happy to hear someone else with a nickel allergy...Bed head destroyed my face from it. Didnt realize till after I came off it that it also destroyed my curl!!!

    Thank you
    3A/Thick/High Porosity/Coarse/Color Treated
    Allergic to Honey/Propolis/Beeswax/Almonds/Nickel

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