Underlayer of Hair Barely Wavy -- CG a remedy?


I just started the CurlyGirl method, and I was wondering, among the many benefits that it has, will it help the underlayer of my hair curl? The top layers of my hair curl amazingly -- I love it!! But my hair will end up staying parted to the side, exposing the underlayer of my hair on one side, and that hair just doesn't curl.

I had been using a blow dryer on my hair about every two or three days, but no dying or crazy chemicals (other than what I recently found out is in all of my shampoo and conditioner, of course), so my hair isn't the driest it could ever be -- at least in my mind.

Will the CG method improve this flatness on the bottom layer over time? I'm really interested to hear your answers, and thank you in advance!

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