Shea moisture gel curling souffle FAIL what to do!

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Has anyone used shea moisture gel curling souffle and your hair turn limp and west. ? I bought some on the weekend because i like the curling custard. I had washed my hair the night before. My hair was very soft and moisturised. I used the gel souffle to do a twist out and the following day my hair was still wet. I used a blow drier on cold air to try and dry the twists and then took them out. Intially, the twists had definion but as i separted them all had gone.

By the end of the day my hair had shrunk was limp and still damp. And also had the sticky feeling from the product. I washed my hair that night with shampoo and black soap to clarify and deep conditioned. I feel some of the product is still left in my hair as i still have the slight sticky feeling. I moisturised my hair but it feels drier and less moisturised than before. My ends are also very frizzy.

Any ideas on what i can do yo revert the process and also get rid of all the residue in my hair.? Has anyone had a similar issue?


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    Eek! I stay away from that whole line in the winter because yeah, it just stays there! Love it in the summer though. What are you clarifying with? I never had any issues washing it out. I use Moptop clarifying shampoo or Kinky Curly's Come Clean. 
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    I use the curling gel all the time but only for wash n go style. You’re right that it does weight the hair down, take longer to dry, and have a slight stickiness to it. It’s good for wash n go styling but not for twists or roller sets.
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    I have wavy hair, but for me the curling gel souffle best works for wash and gos as CurlyShesh suggested. If you read the instructions, it says to use a small amount. For me that is an absurdly small amount. I actually only use a dime size of the product, and mixed in with a harder hold gel. I'm not a fan of the stuff and won't repurchase, but if you experience stickiness, try using less. I also sometimes mix it with water. It does an excellent job of sealing but it is super easy to go overboard with the product.
    Though I've never had an issue washing it out, you might consider a sulfate clarifier if nothing else is removing the buildup. If you take this route, be sure to follow up with a deep conditioner. Granted, it appears this was posted months ago so I hope you've solved the issue by now. Best of luck!
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    I didn't like my  results when I used it. My hair was oily and sticky.

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