?3c Is it best to use protective style in winter? pros and cons

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Hey guys.

So i have been hearing a lot about wrapping my hair up in a protective style for the winter season, and i am just wondering what people's thoughts are about this?

I personally don't want to wrap my hair, but i equally want to keep it as protected and healthy as possible.


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    I just cut off all of my heat damaged hair. The only thing I could save was my fringe (sighs). I'm wearing a head wrap showing my curly fringe with a cute fashion turban thing to spice it up. Because the pixie look is not for me, I will be doing this for the whole year, maybe even three (until I finish my degree). However, I am aware that because of my facial features (my mother has some horn and arab blood that I just managed to inherit) people might mistake me as a muslim, even though I am Christian.

    But for me I don't care. I really want to grow out my pixie.

    Going back to your question, I really think that for the winter wrapping 3c hair is the way to go. 3c hair has the tightest curl pattern - it is naturally the driest kind of curly hair. That's why you rarely see super super curly hair like 3c hair reaching waist length. Since 3c hair is dry, synthetic hair braids are a big no no.. If your hair is long enough, you could wear it in pigtail braids and then maybe put on a hat. Consider doing multiple braids, but I found that own hair braids dryyyyy my hair. The head wrap will only be just for the winter hehe.

    SistaWithRealHair (I think she's 3b/3c) always wears wigs in the winter, making sure to coat her hair with coconut oil and then cover it. She managed to get hair hair to about mid back length curly. For curly haired people, as you know, this is a milestone achievement. Wigs aren't for me, but it just shows the power of covering your hair.

    I want to grow my hair super long, I'm giving myself until my 27th birthday to see results (I'm 21-22).

    Hope my answer helps xxx
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    In my experience, whether you should protective style frequently or not has more to do with the texture of your hair (fine, medium or corse) and its porosity than your curl size. My hair is on the finer side of medium (if that makes sense) and low to medium porosity. Because of my porosity, though I am a 3c, I don't really struggle with dryness. Because my texture is fine(ish) protective styling is actually really damaging to my hair (had the worst breakage of my life after a 30 day bun challenge:cry: )

    I wear my hair down just about everyday in a wash and go because for me low manipulation in the key. During the colder months I diffuse rather than air dry. If your hair is on the corse and dry side protective styling might be perfect but if it is fine I would be careful. HTH:)
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