Extremely high dew recommendations

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Hi all, I've been browsing the forum for recommendations but wondering if anyone else has anything to add.

I'm going to Thailand next month, and currently their dews are hovering somewhere in the 80 (!!!!!) range. So I'm trying to make my action plan.

I have somewhat fine, porous (but not damaged), 2b/3a hair.

Here are my questions:

1) Does it matter what I use to co-wash? Are there any certain ingredients I should stay away from in a co-wash, or is my As I Am Coconuts co-wash ok?

2) For leave-in, I know a lot of people skip it in high dews. I usually use KCKT but I know there are a lot of humectants in it. recommendations? ( I kind of feel like I need it because I need something to smooth/clump my hair after rinsing. It starts to dry F-A-S-T)

3) I usually mix BRHG with KCCC, but I think KCCC might be useless in this dew point. Also, it makes my hair take forever to dry, and I don't want to spend a lot of time drying my hair on vacation. Anyone mix any other stylers with BRHG for good results with high dew?

Anything you got for me is appreciated. :)
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    I live in FL and swear by Curl keeper for the humidity, that and then FSG and Biosilks gel on top. I skip all moisturizers and just use Suave to co-wash.
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