(Male) What hair type is this?

MoyoNeleMoyoNele Registered Users Posts: 1
Like the title suggest what hair type is this?


  • newlynaturalCBnewlynaturalCB Registered Users Posts: 6
    I would say 4B/4C.
  • NatrulyMeNatrulyMe Registered Users Posts: 166 Curl Connoisseur
    I would say 4B/4C.
    Ditto!! :thumright:

    Pattern: 3C/4A 
    Characteristics: (Spongy/Coarse/Curly Kinky)
    Porosity: High
    Density: Medium
    Hair Width: Medium Sized Strands
    Elasticity: Medium Elasticity

    SL - APL - BSL - MBL - WL - TBL

    My hair is armpit length when silk pressed (so close to BSL).
    Natural state: awkward stage; shoulder length (front is above chin length and back is almost shoulder length).
    Goal: MBL
    10-28-15 (BC Date)

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