Apparently I don't look different without makeup...

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I have a feeling I really need to go for a makeup application consultation. I have no idea what the heck I am doing and have been literally doing the same thing since I was in my teens and I am now 37. Problem is when I went for a consult a few years back they make me look like a hooker and tried to sell me tons of products!!

My sister and I were chatting the other day about some site we had seen that showed some celebs without makeup and we were stunned that they looked so different - in fact I wouldn't have even recognized them!

I honestly don't look much different without makeup (except possibly without mascara) and I think this must mean I am not doing things right. Where the heck is my transformation? I suppose it may also mean that I don't wear much and it looks natural but???

Not sure where to begin but I wear eyeliner (shadow on a brush either grey or brown - I have blue eyes and am a dark brunette) and not sure whether or not I should be given that I have very deep set eyes (not much lid showing these days) and my eyes are sort of smallish (actually quite similar in size and depth to Rene Zellweger). Should I axe the eyeliner? Am I living in 1980? I don't use a real solid line it is very subtle but maybe I sure not use it at all??? Can't live without mascara and just use black on top only unless at night (don't know why - no doubt read it in some teen magazine 20 years ago and have stuck to it for no good reason). Shadow I occassional use in a neutral sort of mushroom but frankly because my eyes are deep set I don't find you can see it and makes no difference. I put a bit of my blusher just below my eyebrow - not sure why but I think I was taught that sometime and just do it....

What else... I don't even bother with foundation because I have never found one that is invisible due to my fair skin with ruddish undertones (broken blood vessels - lovely) so I just use a bit of concealer on the odd blotch and thats it. No powder any more since my face is now dry and I prefer the 'dewy' look (not that I am achieving that exactly but one can hope). I use a bit of pinkish/reddish blush on my 'apples' and a bit of nude lipliner smudged into lip balm and that's it.

Any ideas/thoughts appreciated... I don't have a pic of my face up yet so maybe that makes it hard but not sure I have the courage to do that anyway...


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