I used SLS shampoo once and lost my curls. Help needed

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I was washing my hair with gentle shampoo and generally following the curly girl method for quite some time. About 2 months ago I washed my hair with SLS shampoo over a suspicion of silicones in my hair. I went from 2 A/B to almost straight that doesn't look good at all. My scalp was itching. So I ditched any shampoo - my scalp just couldn't heal with them - and went water only. After a month I can wash my hair with only water without oily hair for a few days but my hair haven't come back to curly. I really loved my hair and now it's an ugly mess. It's depressing really... Anyone had the same problem? Anything that will help...?

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    Your hair is so pretty in that top picture! You may still have buildup in your hair. SLS may or may not remove all buildup (you read so many things on the internet, it's hard to tell what's truth and what's not.) You might want to try shampooing just one more time. This time, look for the ingredient C14-16 Sodium Olefin Sulfonate. This is said to remove stuff that SLS won't, such as hard water mineral buildup, among other things. I believe Kinky Curly has a shampoo with that in it. (Kinky Curly Come Clean? Not sure on the name.) Shampoo once, and then go back to water washing or co-washing and see if that helps.
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    Yes, Kinky-Curly Come Clean has the ingredient janiegirl listed.

    It's possible that your SLS poo also had silicones in it, which would have deposited on the hair after it was cleansed. I would try the Kinky-Curly poo and see if that helps.
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    Upadate: after about 3 months I managed to fix the problem :) Writing this in case someone has something similar. Thanks for the responses yet in my case it wasn't as a buildup or silicones. Apparently the scalp condition affects the curl pattern. I have tried putting flaxeed gel, aloe vera gel, oils and few more things on my head, installed a water filter, tried co-washing etc. and all that with barely any improvement. Yesterday I bought a gel for dry and sensitive scalp with 10% urea concentration (Cerkogel) and it helped. The scalp is still a little itchy and general condition of hair is worse than before all this (it's dry) but my curls are finally back (!!!) and the hair has some volume again. It's still shocking for me how much damage can a harsh shampoo make after a long break from it. 


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    Your hair is looking gorgeous!  I'm so glad you found a solution. Sometimes it just takes time, right? 

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    You are beautiful!
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    Gretchen said:
    Your hair is looking gorgeous!  I'm so glad you found a solution. Sometimes it just takes time, right? 
     Thank you! Yup. Only this time it took so long that I lost hope and accepted it.  A pleasant surprise :) 

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