Laziness with curl maintenance/plopping vs blowdrying?

serasgfserasgf Registered Users Posts: 7 Curl Neophyte
My hair turns out best dried upside down w a blowdryer, but it's so much easier to just plop my hair then to style it and blow it dry.

I'm conflicted though, as my diffuser doesn't work and the only blowdryer I have tends to get hot even on the cold setting, and though I do limit the time its on my hair (2 or 3 minutes max of blowdrying for every 15ish minutes of air drying) I worry about heat damage as my hair already has a lot.

Anyone have any opinons/recommendations of what I should do? What's more important, I guess.

The appearance of curls or the health of the hair and ease of styling?

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