Dense, fine, low porosity hair with a constant moisture problem

PiperpellaPiperpella Registered Users Posts: 1
Is this the "sandy brown hair type" I've been reading about? Anyone else have this hair type??

It's seriously so hard to moisturize. Cannot touch the middle-tip of my hair or it will go limp. My hair basically hates all conditioners and products and oils EXCEPT I can put tiny pinches of shea/cocoa butter or castor on the tips sometimes...

just figured out teetree oil and another light oil on my scalp squirted on with an eye dropper is the best thing ever(it feels amazing) because my hair is more porous at the roots, I'm pretty sure.
I use henna to thicken my strands and make them stronger and bouncier and shiny. I like the color too.

My biggest discovery ever is that film forming humectants will put a clear flexible sheen over my hair cuticle and slow water loss without making my hair limp and dull (like conditioners), or oily and crunchy and hard to wash out (like oils).

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